I approached art as a self–taught, following my natural inclination for drawing, composition, and colours.
I was educated as an artist throughout the years by attending courses in Art Schools, workshops, artist studios and recently I have been attending the School of Nude Art at Brera Academy, in Milan.
In 2018 I created and co-founded an artistic group called Timarete.
During my artistic career I have taken part in various exhibitions.
My artworks are part of private collections in Italy and Europe.
I live and work in Sant'Angelo Lodigiano, Lodi.

I am a speech therapist, so I have a linguistic rehabilitation background.
I know what it means to be deprived of the language and the ability to express oneself.
I know how silence sounds and how coming back to communication feels.
All this led me to develop my artistic language which is also composed of written, drawn, spoken and unspoken words.
Painting, printing and ultimately creating means to give shape to my rich visions, to materialise and deposit them.
Everything I do happens through a flow of embrace and presence in a sort of unveiling and revealing process.
My beautiful work is also a hard work. It requires commitment, listening, attention, it requires to know how to see and to recognize what the materiality wants to become.
My nature is to put together, to merge, to tune everything together in a unique harmonic piece.
I believe in ethics, I believe in safeguarding and protecting the environment, I believe in mankind.

IMG_2347 (2)


“LIBERAè-inDifesa” FABBRICA DEL VAPORE - Milan, Italy 2020
“INCONTRO” Imbersago - Lecco, Italy 2019
“IMPRONTE” Rovellasca - Como, Italy 2019
“ARTE IN CASTELLO” Sant’Angelo Lodigiano- Lodi, Italy 2019
“DISSEMINAZIONI” Parabiago- Milan, Italy 2018